# How do I check if I am selected in the lottery or not?

On the pool, if you win, you can find your address in tab winner. In addition, you can also check your individual cap to know how much you can buy.

# Is it FCFS or is the purchase guaranteed?

The purchase is guaranteed. No gas war.

# What's the accepted currency for a IDO? ETH, BNB, USDT or BUSD?

That is the project team's decision. Please check in the pool, in “Supported” field.

# How can I buy a token (on BSC) if I am staking on ETH? I join with same address I use to stake on ETH?

Yes, the same address to stake/buy. You must switch from ETH to BSC network on BOTH your wallet and Red Kite to buy tokens.

# Hi, why my allocation reduce from 2 ETH to 1.7 ETH?

It is due to ETH/BNB price fluctuation. The fixed rate will be set according to the market price right before IDO time.