# Get started

Red Kite is a launchpad powered by PolkaFoundry as part of the $PKF ecosystem.

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# What is summary steps to do to join IDOs?

Participants will join pools on Red Kite by staking $PKF, passing KYC, and applying whitelists. According to the tier system, the more $PKF you stake, the more allocation you get. Please refer to the COMPLETE GUIDE for more details.

# How to buy $PKF?

You can buy $PKF from Gate.io (opens new window) or Uniswap (opens new window). Check it out here (opens new window).

# Is $PKF not on BSC or any other networks except Ethereum?

PKF is not yet on BSC. It's only on ETH.

# How much $PKF do I need to hold to participate in IDO?

To participate in IDO, you need to stake a minimum 500 $PKF for Dove tier.

# How much I should stake for guaranteed allocation?

For guaranteed allocation, you need to stake at least 40k $PKF which is equivalent to Eagle tier.