# I. Before joining IDOs

# 1.1. Register Account

# 1.1.1. Step 1. Go to Red Kite Website

# 1.1.2. Step 2. Connect your Wallet

  • You must connect your wallet first to register new account.
  • Click the “Connect Wallet” button in the header to connect your Wallet.

# 1.1.3. Step 3. Choose Network and Wallet

  • In the Connect Wallet popup window, choose the network among Ethereum, BSC and Polygon networks and the corresponding wallet you use.

# 1.1.4. Step 4. KYC

  • “My Account” menu will appear once you successfully connect to your wallet address.
  • Go to My Account > Profile menu, you will see your KYC’s status as “Unverified”.
  • Click “KYC Now” button. It will navigate you to Red Kite KYC on Blockpass.
  • Fill in all the necessary information to complete the KYC process.

    • Your KYC’s status on Red Kite will be changed to "Verified” once you pass the KYC process successfully.
    • The email you use on Blockpass for KYC will be automatically reflected on Red Kite.

# 1.2. Sign in

  • Click the “Connect Wallet” button in the header. Be sure to select the wallet address you have already registered to sign in.

    • If you want to use a different wallet address, you will need to register as a new account. Refer 1.1. Register Account for more details.

# 1.3. Stake / Unstake


# 1.3.1. Applicable networks

  • Stake / Unstake tokens on Red Kite are currently only supported by Ethereum Network.
  • To switch from BSC Network or Polygon Network to Ethereum Network: Change the network on your wallet, the network on Red Kite will be updated accordingly.

# 1.3.2. Stake

Go to My Account > My Tier to stake / unstake tokens. Click here (opens new window) to learn how to access this menu.

Your tier on Red Kite is determined by Total Red Kite points. Click here (opens new window) to learn more about My Tier menu. Step 1. Approve

  • You need to Approve Red Kite Smart Contract once (and only once) before staking. If you have already approved, you can skip this step.
  • Go to My Account, click “Stake” button on “My Tier”. It will navigate you to Staking Screen.
  • On this screen:

    • Choose the token you want to approve (PKF or LP-PKF) from the drop-down list
    • Input the amount you want to approve or click Max to auto-fill with your maximum capability
    • Click the “Approve” button. It will connect you to your wallet address. Accept the transaction and you have approved successfully.
  • Conversation Rate: Conversation Rate: 1 Uniswap LP = 400 Red Kite Points. Step 2. Stake

  • You can stake to Red Kite after approving successfully.


If you have already approved, the Staking screen will appear as below when you click the "Staking" button on the "My Account" screen.

  • On this screen:

    • Enter the token amount you want to stake or click Max to auto-fill with your maximum capability.
    • Click “Stake” button, Metamask will prompt you to confirm the transaction.
  • After confirming, you will see an option to view your transaction on Etherscan.


Due to network congestion, your transaction could take some time. You may need to wait or consider speeding up your transaction.

  • Once the transaction is confirmed, you can verify your wallet balance, staked amount and the obtained tier on the "My Tier" menu of “My Account” screen.

# 1.3.3. Unstake

  • Click “Unstake” button on the ‘My Tier” screen.
  • Follow the same procedure for staking tokens.

# 1.4. Join A Pool and Apply for Whitelist

# 1.4.1. Step 1. Choose a Pool

  • Go to the “Upcoming” area in Pool Dashboard, select the pool you want to join whitelist and open its details. Before whitelist opens

  • You can see the countdown to when you can apply for the whitelist in the “Pool Timeline” section.
  • To participate in the whitelist, you must:
    • Pass KYC
    • Achieve the minimum pool tier
    • Click the “Apply Whitelist” button
  • You can click “How to participate” to check if you have met all the requirements to join the pool. Whitelist opening time

  • The “Apply Whitelist” button will appear when the whitelist is opened.


The "Apply Whitelist" button is disabled in the following cases:

  1. Wrong Network. You must select the network on your wallet that matches the network in the pool.

    E.g, The Network of Pool is BSC Network -> You must select BSC Network on your wallet.

  2. You do not meet the conditions to apply for whitelisting.

    For example, if you have not achieved min tier of pool, an error message is displayed in the header as in the following screen.

# 1.4.2. Step 2. Click “Apply Whitelist”

  • The Whitelist popup is shown after clicking “Apply Whitelist” button in Pool Detail.
  • The requirements to join the whitelist are different for each pool and are decided by the project team.
  • Before clicking “Apply Whitelist” button on the popup, make sure that:
    • You have completed all tasks required by the project’s team according to your tier.
    • You have entered your Twitter and Telegram’s username.


Please input your username of Twitter and Telegram like the following example.

  • Your Twitter is https://twitter.com/PolkaFoundry -> Please input @PolkaFoundry in Your Twitter Account.
  • Your Telegram is https://t.me/PolkaFoundry -> -> Please input @PolkaFoundry in Your Telegram Account.
  • The system will verify your information after you click “Apply Whitelist” button. Case 1: Success

  • Once you passed all the requirements for the whitelist, Red Kite will ask you to sign on your Wallet.
  • Click “Sign” on your wallet and you have successfully applied the whitelist. Please wait for the winner allocation to be announced. Case 2: Fail

  • You cannot apply whitelist if:
    • You have not entered your Twitter and/or Telegram’s accounts
    • You have not followed or subscribed to the social accounts as required by the pool
  • Please complete all requirements and click the “Apply Whitelist” button on the popup again. Case 3: Pending (Dove & Hawk Tier)

  • Your whitelist application might be pending due to some unforeseen technical issues (Ex: overload check) that occurred during the verification of your social requirements.
  • We will verify your application WITHIN 1 DAY. We will send you an email at support@polkafoundry.com to explain why your application is pending approval. Please be patient and keep an eye on the email. You can click “Whitelist Status” button to check your social requirement’s status.
  • Once all the requirements are met, your whitelist application will be approved.


Meaning of Social Requirement Verification’s Icons.